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A Guide to Mystical Savannah

I’m excited to share A Guide to Mystical Savannah. For the longest time I have dreamed of Savannah. It has a mystique, a gentile shabbiness that pulls you in and makes you deeply curious. Winding the sleepy streets, taking in the worn doors on grand old mansions, it feels like a movie set, or a time long ago.

Unlike Charleston, Savannah hasn’t bothered to gentrify itself, save for a small touristy area that even the locals scoff at. The character runs deep here, it is truly enchanting, mystical and unlike anything we have ever experienced. Visiting Savannah was a longtime coming, and as an added bonus I found myself there on Halloween, making the most of the city’s haunted history.

Here is what I discovered in my Eat, Drink, Stay, See, Acquire picks to help you uncover the mystical qualities of Savannah. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite spot we have missed. Hop on over to my Adventure Getaways website to see the fully story.

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