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Homemade All Natural Wood Cleaner

The sun’s out and the flowers are bloomin’, it’s Spring time friends. Here in Texas, Spring is also known as the two weeks that you can sit outside for more than a few minutes without breaking a sweat. It also means it’s time to dust off the patio furniture.

Here’s a great natural cleaner for any of your wood furniture, inside or out, that might be in need of some sprucing up.

_DSC8028 copy

All you’ll need to whip this up:


Grapeseed oil – 1 tbsp

Water – +1 tbsp

Small dish

Cloth or paper towel

_DSC8056 copy
I prepared my mix for a small side table that’s been gathering dusk on my patio all winter. I used 1 tablespoon of both oil and water, and the juice of half a lemon.

If you plan on using the wood cleaner for a larger piece of furniture keep in mind a 1:1 ratio of oil to water and about a 1 : 1/2 ratio of water/oil to lemon juice.

_DSC8049 copy

First up, strain lemon into water. Make sure to remove as many seeds and pulp as you can, you don’t want to be spreading those little bits all over.

_DSC8052 copy

Once you’ve removed any seeds or larger pulp pieces, add the oil and water.

I used grape seed oil, but you could certainly use olive or coconut instead, whatever suits your fancy.

_DSC8054 copy

Whisk it all together! The oil and water won’t want to mix, but a little elbow grease can make it happen.

_DSC8057 copy

After getting any excess dirt off your furniture, dab a small amount onto your cloth or towel and apply it to your furniture.

_DSC8062 copy

Without the harsh chemicals that are in typical cleaners there isn’t much of a risk of it ruining your wood’s finish. Try it out on a small, hidden portion if you’re worried about any discoloration.


Once your hard work is all done pour yourself a glass of tea and take in the beauty of spring from your front porch.

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