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PREMIERE of My TV Show ‘Wild Food’ June 23rd on Destination America!

Dear Friends,

My new TV show ‘Wild Food’ is premiering on Saturday, June 23rd at 10pm ET / 9pm CT. It will be on TV and ONLINE at the exact same time! It is a pilot episode, so ratings and social media engagement are incredibly important.

To give you some background on this crazy, harrowing journey… 

We have been working on this TV show for two years. Travel Channel commissioned it and their directive was to create a companion show to Bizarre Foods and to have their first female host in 14 years. Then, Discovery bought Scripps, and the FCC approved the merger right before we were supposed to air. All of our Executives that were emotionally attached to the show got replaced, and the Friday before the Monday it was supposed to air (May 14th) we got a call saying their new strategy was to not have food content on Travel Channel and they weren’t airing the show.

We were shocked and stunned–two years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent and they just weren’t going to air it because the new guys had a new strategy. 

I had to let my audience know because there had been so much anticipation. When I posted the news to Facebook my readers took action. They started writing to networks and demanded to see it. 

And now because of you all, we are airing again… on their sister network Destination America. 

I am so proud and grateful for this community of readers that has gathered together over the last 10 years! And now I humbly ask for your support by sharing the premiere information below with your own community. 

You’ll get to see me hunt wild boar off an airboat in the pouring rain, bowfish in the dark for alligator gar, and scale an ancient fort surrounded by water. This has been an intense, exciting, and trying process. I felt strongly that I wanted to create a show that adds value to our lives, inspires us to use our hands, and think about where our food comes from. I’m really proud of this show and the thousands of hours we put into it. There is something for everyone — with moments that will have you laughing and also have your heart pounding.

As I said, ratings and social media engagement are very important for this pilot episode. Can I count on you to tune in and spread the word? Below are some easy and helpful pieces to share. Your support means so much to me… thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

In Gratitude,



Saturday, June 23, 2018
10pm ET/9pm CT 
Destination America Channel

Saturday, June 23, 2018
10pm ET/9pm CT and Destination America GO App


Sample Social Media Posts


Watch @georgiapellegrini take on heart pounding food adventures in the Louisiana bayou, on the new show #WildFood – premiering Saturday, June 23rd 10pm ET/9pm CT on @DestinationAmerica!


Watch my friend @GPellegrini in the adventurous new show #WildFood – premieringSaturday, June 23rd 10pm ET/9pm CT on @DestAmerica!


My friend @georgiapellegrini goes on heart pounding food adventures in the #WildFood premiere – Saturday, June 23rd 10pm ET/9pm CT on @DestinationAmerica!


Facebook: @georgiapellegrini

Twitter: @GPellegrini

Instagram: @georgiapellegrini

Hashtag: #WildFood #ILoveWildFood


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Wild Food with Georgia Pellegrini

Wild Food with Georgia Pellegrini

Wild Food with Georgia Pellegrini

Wild Food with Georgia Pellegrini


I will be live tweeting during the episode and at each commercial break will be giving away signed merchandise to your best tweets that use #ILoveWildFood and tag @gpellegrini and @destamerica.

I will also be doing big giveaways during the week on Instagram, Facebook and my Secret Facebook Group.

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