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Bubbles on a Budget with Total Wine

Personally, I think there is never a bad time to drink bubbles.  It’s like your perfect black dress: it goes with EVERYTHING.  While champagne can get pricey, there are delicious alternatives that will have you on your way to “tasting the stars” on a budget.


My first pick is Prosecco. Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine, made from the Glera grape.  I think of Prosecco as the sparkling wine work-horse.  Having a huge party?  Prosecco.  Weeknight bubble fix? Prosecco.  Impromptu cocktail?  Put some ice in a glass, toss in some frozen blueberries, fill up with Prosecco. 

I’d recommend: Borrasca Prosecco DOCG from Total Wine.

Cremant is another great option. Cremant is French sparkling wine made in the traditional champagne method. There are 8 different types of Cremant, each one named from the region where it’s made.  

I like this Albrecht Cremant Sparkling Brut Rose Tradition


Cava is another favorite. It is Spain’s answer to champagne. It’s made in the same way, but they use totally different grapes from a very different climate, so it has a slightly different flavor profile than champagne. A bit more lemon and citrus, but that same toasty note you get from champagne.

I like Rondel Brut Cava


Sparkling Wine from the USA

Sparkling wine is made all over the world.  So, of course we have some excellent bubbles right here in the US!  Look for “methode champenoise” or “traditional method” on the label if you want to get a bottle that’s closest in style and flavor to champagne. Some of the best sparkling wine actually comes out of New Mexico!

I’d recommend this: Jacqueline Leonne Brut Sparkling Wine


And as a Bonus Sparkler – I’m recommending Be Free White Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine. Because everyone deserves to taste the stars on a special occasion. 


So there’s your list! Cheers to bubbles always being in season. 


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