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How to Backyard Glamp

We lust over all those beautiful glamping (glamping= glamorous camping) scenes we find on Pinterest and Instagram, and while we’d love to jet off to a luxurious glamping site it is usually pretty costly or doesn’t work with our schedules. Rather than booking a pricey vacay, we decided to get resourceful and bring a little luxury right to our own backyards with things we already have on hand. We love the idea of turning this backyard glamping into an adventurous date or a great girls night. It’s really fun if to get into the theme and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Take the #AdventureGetaway right to your backyard with these tips!

How to Backyard Glamp:How to Backyard Glamp:

How to Backyard Glamp:

PHOTO: Pinterest

It’s All About Texture

Get out the picnic blankets and floor pillows. Borrow a rug from the inside (don’t worry it’s just for an evening).

Turn the tent into a pillow-filled reading nook, by piling in plush cushions and pillows.

How to Backyard Glamp

PHOTO: Pinterest

How to Backyard Glamp

PHOTO: The Cob Oven Project

You don’t even need a tent at all or some super fancy “Goopy” yurt. If you have 2 trees near each other you can grab some sheets and rope and make a beautiful DIY tent too.

How to Backyard Glamp

PHOTO: Spell Designs

Grab Some Twinkle Lights and Candles

You’ve got all your luxurious textures going, now it is time to set the mood for total relaxation. Grab some twinkle lights (you could even use your Christmas lights that are in your attic) and candles. The fresh air, mood lighting, and relaxing scents will have you feeling as if you’ve traveled far away from your stressed filled Mondays.

Light a Fire

It’s not glamping or even just plain camping if you don’t light a fire and enjoy some fireside chats and laughs. You can create a DIY backyard fire pit if you don’t have a fireplace.

How to Backyard Glamp

You can even try out some of our favorite camping meals, you can check them out HERE.

Commit to the Theme

Commit to keeping the technology indoors and enjoying an evening under the stars, though we do think it’s a great idea to play some tunes (so you can have one exception allowed), but bonus points for a record player.

Embrace your inner child by playing fun outdoor games and telling stories by the fire.

How to Backyard Glamp

PHOTO: Brit + Co

The possibilities are really endless when you embrace the theme and let your creativity flow!

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