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How to Elevate Your Shower Experience

There is nothing more relaxing than a steaming hot shower after a long day on your feet, but have you been maximizing your time? I am almost positive that my nightly shower has some therapeutic magic to it and they are so easy to implement! Here are some simple tricks that will elevate your shower into a transformative in-home spa experience.

How to Elevate Your Shower Experience:

How to Elevate Your Shower Experience

Eucalyptus Bouquet

I love eucalyptus essential oils for aromatherapy, but you can so easily reap its benefits from just a few branches. With twine, hang the eucalyptus bouquet upside down on your shower head’s neck. That’s it! The next time you turn on the water, the steam will lift and carry its oils into the air. The best part is that if you have extra branches, they are a perfect addition to a bouquet, table centerpiece, or mantle. Say hello to clear lungs and a clearer mind.

How to Elevate Your Shower Experience


Part of relaxation is ambiance and for me, candles do just the trick. Flick those harsh bathroom lights off and relax with the warm, soft glow of your favorite candle. For the ultimate spa moment, be sure to grab ones with vanilla or lavender as they are perfect for aromatherapy. If candles are not for you, consider showering in semi-darkness for a very relaxing experience.

How to Elevate Your Shower Experience

In-Shower Hair Mask

When my skin is looking a little dull, I reach for (or make my own) face masks. With that logic, a hair mask is the perfect way to feel extra pampered in your shower. Look for restorative ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil, honey, or shea butter in your hair mask to soften and moisturize those locks. While you’re waiting for those ingredients to soak into your follicles, I love to apply a body scrub, shave my legs, or simply soak in the warmth.

How to Elevate Your Shower Experience


There is nothing like turning on some of your favorite tunes at the end of the long day and singing along in the privacy of your shower. For me, this is one of my favorite ways to turn off my brain and de-stress. If you’re looking for something more chill, try searching for a spa playlist that focuses on ambient music for an ethereal experience.

How to Elevate Your Shower Experience

Towel Warmer

If you’re looking to take some extra steps to really get the in-home spa experience, consider investing in a towel warmer. This incredible appliance will allow you to experience the luxury of a toasty towel every single time. I think this is especially worth it for those chillier nights in the fall and winter. To take it a step further, consider spraying a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your warm towel before entering your shower.

How to Elevate Your Shower Experience photo: New York Magazine


One of my favorite perks of a spa or hotel is their amazing cloud-like robes, and you can bring this luxury into your home. After a long day of errands or work, I literally dream about crawling into my robe. This is another investment that I think is worth considering if you love to lounge around and be cozy post showers. It’s 2019 – it’s time to treat yourself!

What are your favorite ways to elevate your shower experience? Let us know in the comments below! You can also tag us on Instagram at @georgiapellegrini, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube!

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