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How to Wrap Meat for the Freezer

The key to storing and freezing meat effectively is in how you wrap meat for the freezer. Freezer burn, the most common cause of wasted meat in the freezer, is the process of dehydration that happens when meat isn’t wrapped properly. Most people don’t realize it, but even ice evaporates in the freezer over time (ever notice how ice cubes get smaller as they sit there?). Here is how to protect the meat to maintain its maximum flavor and freshness. 

How to Wrap Meat for the Freezer:

What did you think of this video? Will you be wrapping your meat differently now?

Here is the visual step by step: 

1. Remove any store wrapping.

2. Place the meat in the center of a piece of plastic wrap on a flat surface.

3. Encase the meat with plastic by folding over one side and pressing out all of the air. Repeat with the other side, pressing out any air again. You will have two “wings” of plastic available on the other sides.

4. Fold the first wing over the meat and the second overlapping the first so you have a fully encased piece of meat.

5. Repeat this process with a second piece of plastic so you have a double coating.

6. Put the plastic-wrapped meat in a re-sealable plastic bag, pressing out any air as you seal it.

7. Label the bag clearly with a permanent marker with the date it was frozen and the contents of the bag. You may think you will remember what is in it, but you will be glad you labeled it six months from now. Make sure you practice “first in, first out” and use first what you froze first.

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