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My Final Adventure Getaway

I have a significant waitlist for my final Adventure Getaway this October and I hate to exclude people. So if the waiting list gets long enough I will double up and add a second Adventure Getaway around the same time. If you would attend if I added a second one, please add yourself to the waitlist so we can guage interest:

My Final Adventure Getaway:

I’ve received a lot of questions asking me why this is my final Adventure Getaway and the answer is quite simple: I’m tired!

Hosting my #AdventureGetaways for the last 10 years has brought an incredible network of adventure minded women into my life and I’m forever grateful. 

It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to have been a vehicle in which this could happen. And the way in which it came about was very organic, really by accident. I never expected people to respond the way they did to my book Girl Hunter, and I never expected oceans of readers to email me and ask if they could go on an Adventure with me.

What started off as a grand human experiment has turned into something truly magic.

But my standards are very high, and with that comes a monumental amount of work to put each Adventure Getaway together. It’s very much like planning a wedding, except it lasts 4 days, and in some cases I’ve done it three times per year. As the women will tell you who have attended many times, each Adventure Getaway is unique and unlike any other, and so each time I start from scratch.

This means that my work is not scalable, and more and more in my life, my time is my most treasured and scarce asset.

Here is My Promise to You

But here is my promise to you. Even though this is my last Adventure Getaway open to the public, after this, I will do my best to make myself available on a limited basis for private hire to groups, corporate retreats and VIP events.

If you can pull a significant group together, I will put one of these Adventure Getaways together for you that have been a magic experience for so many in the last 10 years.

Contact us at: events [at] georgiapellegrini [dot] com, and share the particulars for what you’re looking for, and we’ll go from there.

If you’ve been dreaming of joining us now is your time.

Add yourself to our waitlist and if it gets big enough we’ll create an additional final event.

And in the meantime, join this incredible network of women online in my private Adventure Getaways Facebook Group, specifically for women. See you there!

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