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Outdoor Survival Guide – 5 Tips & Skills

I just released the latest episode in my Modern Pioneering series. I love hearing from you and having you share your tips as well, so please be sure to click over to the channel and leave a comment as well as subscribe so we can keep in touch and share with each other.

Outdoor Survival Guide | 5 Tips & Skills

In this YouTube episode, Outdoor Survival Guide, I have five tips for the next time you go exploring in the great outdoors. Some could even help save your life!

Tips Include:

  • Purifying Water
  • How to Read a Compass
  • DIY Survival Kit
  • Homemade Bug Spray
  • Outdoor Clothing Essentials

In a camping or outdoor adventure, do you want to follow the leader and watch someone else set up the tent, or do you want to be the girl who knows how to read a compass? You never know where life’s adventures will take you, learn how to find your way with these survival skills and you will always be prepared.

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