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Pocket Intentions 2018: Free Printable

We sat down over the holiday break with our goal worksheet and it really had us thinking and evaluating what this next year holds. We wanted to continue to create this sense of purpose and intention in every way possible to carry us into the new year. G has made a tradition of writing down some brief goals and intentions on a notecard every year and placing it in her wallet so that she always has it on hand for a moment of reflection. We all agreed that this was a genius idea and that it is something that we should all do, and that you should too, so, we decided to design a cute little wallet-sized card to help you do just that. This is our Pocket Intentions 2018: Free Printable for all of you to enjoy!

Pocket Intentions 2018: Free Printable:

An intention is a plan or purpose. Often times when you attend yoga the teacher will ask you to clear your mind and set an intention for practice. They usually suggest to just keep it simple and set your intent on something like your breath, mindfulness, or something as simple as time for yourself or happiness. This is much like what we think you should do here with these cards.


Your intentions can help to guide and lead you in the right direction towards pioneering a more purposeful life

Don’t overthink it too much, just think of things that you are really looking to prioritize in 2018. If you really wish to make self-care and your health a priority write it down.

If you a key factor for you in 2018 is to pioneer your finances you can give yourself a little reminder to save or think frugally.

We are wanting to make time for mindfulness and meditation in 2018 so we wrote a little reminder to breathe and clear our heads.

Whatever you need to remind yourself daily to pioneer with purpose, just write it down. The practice alone is powerful.

Some of us even added quotes that help bring us back to our goals and purpose.

Keep it targeted we limited ourselves to writing down just five intentions, this helps you to prioritize and not overwhelm yourself. 

Pocket Intentions 2018: Free Printable

Download this printable card HERE!

Pocket Intentions 2018: Free Printable

Print out multiple copies and share them with your friends! This helps keep you accountable and is also a practice you’ll want to share in. Take a picture of it and share it with us on social media so we can inspire each other with our goal and intent of living and creating a purpose-driven life.

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