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Pumpkin Ideas

Hello November! With the wide variety of pumpkins offered, it is almost impossible to walk away with only one gourd. However, there are only so many faces that can be carved and pies to be made, and we’re all about letting nothing go to waste. In this post, I have a few fun pumpkin ideas that will ensure that all parts can be put to use.

Pumpkin Ideas:

Bird Feeder

It’s a no brainer that roasting pumpkin seeds are a delicious snack, but don’t forget about your fine feathered friends. Take a foam ball or an old spherical ornament and coat it in peanut butter. Then, to prep the pumpkin seeds, wash the guts off and dry them overnight. You can roll the ball in the dried seeds the next day and hang it outside. Sit back and prepare to have a lot of little visitors in the upcoming days.

Candle Holder

This simple DIY is perfect as window decor or a centerpiece on your table. Using any small pumpkin, carefully cut out the stem or drill into the top to create an opening wide enough for a candle. Anchor your candlestick or votive to the pumpkin and light the wick. You can arrange these amongst other various sizes of pumpkins or line them up for a more traditional feel.


Whether you’re hosting a party for your kids or adults, this pumpkin cooler is sure to please. First, create a wide opening on the top of a large pumpkin. Then, gut the pumpkin and fill with just enough ice to be able to load in the beverages. This cooler makes a great refreshment centerpiece that is both festive and functional.

Plant Holder

As we’ve established, pumpkins are an excellent vessel, so why not hold your plants in them? Hollow one out and use it as a planter for mums for the ultimate fall arrangement. Smaller pumpkins make cute homes for air plants or succulents.

Face Mask

Not only can you change your home decor for the seasons but also skincare can come along for the ride. Take advantage of all the good enzymes and antioxidants in pumpkins that can leave your skin refreshed, glowing, and exfoliated.

For this face mask, you can use canned pumpkin puree or scrape out the flesh and mash into a gooey consistency. You can enhance the mask by adding a bit of honey, oil, or yogurt. Mix well and apply for 10-20 minutes before rinsing. For more creative fruit masks that you can make at home, read this post.

Do you have any creative ideas for pumpkins? Leave them in the comments on Georgia’s YouTube Channel. And be sure to subscribe for more how to’s and #modernpioneering tips!

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