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My Favorite Holiday Recipes

I am just now starting to think about holiday food. Perhaps because this is the first day that is has felt truly cold in Austin. My favorites are always the ones that I have made memories around, those nostalgic moments, aromas and people that the dishes will always and forever be associated with. We all have those dishes, don’t we?

These are some of my favorites that I’ve created in the past few years… making new memories along the way:


Easy Christmas Cookies

You can put everything but the kitchen sink in there using the cookie base.

Gingerbread Castle

Gingerbread Castle Bundt Cake.

A bundt cake can take so many shapes… as long as there’s gingerbread in there.

Holiday Punch

This Holiday Punch is really good to help you get through even the toughest gatherings with the in-laws 😉

cranberry relish

Cranberry Relish

It’s a great hostess gift, can be made in minutes, gets better with age, and doesn’t require any cooking.

skillet stuffing

Skillet Stuffing

Because I dislike doing dirty dishes immensely, and love a dish that can be cooked and served in the same vessel.


Turkey Stock

Because if there’s one thing you know about me it is that I like to cook with economy and not waste a single bit. You must make stock with all of your bones this season, promise me?

 Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas and a Little Luck

It’s been a tradition in my family forever and I love my iteration.

 Stuffed Pumpkin

Stuffed Pumpkin

This is beautiful to look at and even better to put in your mouth. Do it while pumpkins are available, you won’t be sorry. Or try a good squash if pumpkins aren’t in your midst.

 Apple Pie

Heirloom Apple Pie

Because all pie crust should be made with leaf lard. It would make the world a happier place.

 Apple Tart

French Apple Tart

It’s beautiful, it’s easy, and it is good for you… pure fruit, almost no sugar, and just a bit of crust.

 Turkey Brine

Turkey Brine

I brine most of my white meat, because it does the animal justice. It doesn’t dry out that way and it is more flavorful. Try it this year!

Carve Turkey

How to Cook + Carve a Turkey So It Stays Moist

There are some techniques to carving that you should know… especially you ladies. Don’t leave the carving to the man. Grab a knife and do it yourself this year.


Yellow Cornbread with Grandma P.

Because there was something in my Grandma’s kitchen air that just made everything taste better.


What are your favorite dishes that you’ll be making this season? Tell us in the comments.

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