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How To Repurpose Your Candle Jars

The first sign of cooler temperatures sends us running out to fill our homes with all the delightful scents of the season. There is just nothing quite as inviting as a beautifully-packaged, fragrant candle. Unfortunately, these burn out and you’re left with a pesky, wax-filled container. In an effort to remain always resourceful (and justify our serious candle habit), we investigated the best ways to rid the wax and repurpose those lovely containers.

How To Repurpose Your Candle Jars:

Watch this video to turn them into new candles:

Here are some other ideas: 

PHOTO: Lundassen

Candle jars lend themselves to infinite storage possibilities: hair ties, pens, flowers, plants, spices, makeup brushes and plenty of other little odds and ends. Some even make for great drinkware. This can easily be accomplished in just two steps, so put down the butter knife and spare your fingernails. 

PHOTO:  Yesterdays Sweetheart

Step 1: After making sure you’ve used every last burnable drop of your favorite candle (you certainly should not waste any bit) freeze out the wax. This may seem a bit odd, but the wax will solidify and harden so you can simply scoop it out with a knife and it won’t flake or crumble. Just put your room-temperature candle jar in the freezer overnight.

Step 2: Step one is usually enough to do the job, but if not put the jar in the sink and pour boiling water into it until it overflows. Leave this for a few hours. The rest of the wax will float and solidify at the top and can be easily removed. What you are left with is a beautiful, clean jar ready for a new life!

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Bonus pioneering points if you take the jar and use it for another DIY. May we suggest: G’s winter lip scrub, our homemade lanterns, or these could also make great containers to start your indoor herb garden! 

We’d love to know your favorite way to repurpose your candle jars too! Comment below or share and tag us on social media.

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