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Carrot Marshmallows

I have a pretty nutty week ahead. In the span of four hours I’m going to be transported from rural Arkansas where I have been hiding out and have  had to take desperate measures for an internet connection….to the meatpacking district of New York City where the internet and just about everything else is fast. Talk about culture shock. I’ll have to put some eucalyptus oil on my temples. Or […]

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Recipe: Quince 4 Ways

Today, we make this: One fruit, so many possibilities. Quince granita, quince pâté de fruits, quince soup, poached quince, quince jelly, quince sauce, quince fritters…oh wait… They are one of my favorite fruits. Look how nice and pink they become when you cook them, a soothing glamorous pink. But they start off this color. Green with a hint of yellow. Hard as a rock. And a strange fuzz on them. It’s the pectin […]

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