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How to Make Kefir

I have fond, peculiar memories of a glass jar sitting on the fireplace mantle, holding a liquid that constantly reinvented itself. It changed by the day, by the hour sometimes, from something strange to something more recognizable. This liquid, as it turns out, is intensely good for you, a drinkable yogurt full of good bacteria, and even better when flavored at the breakfast table with fruit purees. This is one […]

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Grandma’s Pudding

Grandma Pellegrini has these faintly pink glass bowls in her house. She’s had them since the 1930’s. She and her sister (my great-aunt) lived together in New York City when they were working girls. I like that she still has them. She served me a pudding in them that I would like to tell you about, because it was a spectacular pudding. She has a way with puddings, she really […]

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