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Apple Cider Potato Salad

It begins with an Amish man. Like most of my stories do. Okay fine it doesn’t begin with him, it begins with a 5 pound sack of potatoes that we purchased at a run down store in a vacant town across from this abandoned house that I really want to buy and fix up but am told I’m wasting my time because it would cost more than it’s worth. Waaaaah. […]

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German Horseradish Mustard

I stumbled upon a new beer bar in Mill Valley a few weeks ago, with sawn lumber for tables and a sea of beer and nothing to eat but German pretzels, rolled out, and twisted, and baked to order. I tried a pretzel and what struck me most was not the pretzel (though it was outstanding), but the dipping sauce. I kept dabbing at it to see what all of […]

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Sweet and Tangy Salad Dressing: The Feast

Welcome to the final installment of my three part dinner series… After a full day of hunting on the ranch, and a full day of cooking by Paul, we finally got to eat the fruits of our labor.   The ranch has a very beautiful interior, with lovely wood paneling and a cozy lodge atmosphere. The fireplace was especially nice and there were many of them… one in almost every […]

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