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Blue Grouse with Roasted Apples and Pears

These are the facts that we know: 1. There was an apple tree and a pear tree growing nicely outside the cabin minding their own business. They were producing nice fruit and dropping it on the ground at their leisure. 2. In the morning there were claw marks down the side of the pear tree and most of the branches had been torn down. 3. All that remained were these […]

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Pear Frangipane Tart

I first learned about Farmer Al and Frog Hollow Farm while working on my book Food Heroes. I was told by a legendary explorer of good taste that hands down the best fruit in the country came from there. My friend had in fact done years of research on this and went on to introduce me to Farmer Al so I could see for myself. I drove 75 miles outside […]

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