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A Saint Valentine Menu

Here’s the thing about Valentines Day. I think it’s strange. It is impossible to get into a restaurant. Flowers double in price. Bad quality chocolate makes the rounds. Lots of pink lacy undergarments abound in various store windows. Saint Valentine, was a Christian martyr. I don’t think he thought very often about Victoria’s Secret’s latest line. I do think there is something nice about setting a day aside to tell […]

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Tofu Mayonnaise

Grandma P. is in rehabilitation. She’s slowly getting her movement back. But she is not pleased with the situation. She said, “Well I guess you’re learning a lot about life, aren’t you.” Then she said, “I’m learning a lot about life too.” One of the last things we made together was tofu mayonnaise. She really loves tofu and its magical powers, about as much as she loves stevia. In fact, […]

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Root Soup & Polenta

Because she loves you, Grandma Pellegrini made you a Valentines soup. She even put hearts in it. It’s a work of art. And because he loves you, Gordon snapped some photos of it. And because I love you, well… I’m just writing to tell you about it. I can’t take any credit. I can just share. This is a root soup, colored with red beets. It is delicious, I have […]

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