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Q&A with Grandma Pellegrini

After a long hiatus, I’m pleased to present another installment of Q&A with Grandma Pellegrini. Thanks for submitting all of your questions and apologies for the tardy response. Take it away Grandma P.! ~ Georgia 1. Hi Grandma P. Any suggestions for herbs that I can grow indoors in my kitchen without much fuss? Thank you in advance for your help. Yes. You could have mint and basil and thyme, […]

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Q&A With Grandma Pellegrini

You asked, she answered! Here is this week’s Q&A with Grandma Pellegrini. Take it away grandma! Q. How do you keep the critters from eating up your garden? I plant fruit trees and have raised vegetable gardens, and so far only the groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks and birds have enjoyed my homegrown produce. The area is fenced in, the raised vegetable beds are covered with netting, and still the critters persist. Should I just start charging […]

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Ask Grandma Pellegrini

I never really outlined all the new sections on this site. So I figure I’ll give you a little walking tour. Shall we? Do you have good walking shoes on? Okay, let’s go… on the first stop, we go over the hill and through the woods to… Grandma’s House. We all love Grandma P. Who doesn’t love Grandma P., raise your hand…? That’s what I thought. She’s the ultimate pioneer […]

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