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How to Maintain A Healthy Routine While Traveling

 Editor’s Note: We are excited to introduce our new contributor who has managed to make a life and career of traveling the globe. She’ll be sharing her travel insights and tips from all four corners of the globe and we’re quite excited about the arm chair traveling we plan to do with her. Take it away Haylee! For each of us, travel brings a form of new meaning to our lives, […]

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How to Defend Your Body Against Microbes

Microbes. They are everywhere around you. Some are good and some are bad. The harmful microbes enter the body and cause bacteria, viruses or diseases. Our immune system sometimes needs a boost in order to fight off these microbes, keep us healthy, and to prevent us from getting sick. So if you start feeling ill, don’t reach for a bottle of over-the-counter drugs. Try an all-natural remedy instead. In fact, these […]

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