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“How to Clean a Shotgun Ejector”


Did you know, that if you have a break-action shotgun, you are supposed to clean your ejector from time to time? I didn’t until recently. When on one of my Adventure Getaways in December, I discovered that during my flight to Virginia, my steel gun case had been tossed about so much that suddenly my …

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“How to Stencil Your Staircase”


Well, I completed one of the craziest home decor projects EVER. It made me hate life a few times. There were times when I thought about throwing myself in the stream running alongside my house and living with the giant turtle who has a nice life there. Where my turtle friend lives, there aren’t any …

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“10 Rules for Women on Getting the Right Gun Fit and Mount”


One of the things I struggled with most when learning how to hunt my dinner, was feeling comfortable with the gun I was shooting. The gun was often heavy, or too long, or too big or just generally awkward feeling. I was borrowing guns often in the beginning, trying them out and seeing what I …

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“How to Clean a Dove — On Video!”

Header Photo

When I was in Arkansas in early September I spent a lot of time with a lot of boys. Luckily I had ONE girl who came with me, my friend Molly, and we were girly together in the soy fields and I taught her how to hunt and it was her very first experience and …

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“DIY Drip Candles”

_DSC5652 copyv632

I have been in home decorating mode these days ever since buying my house here in lovely Austin, so I’m going to be sharing some of the DIY projects I work on along the way, especially because they will make some good homemade gifts as the holidays draw near. First up, a drip candle. Because …

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“How to Choose + Cook Salmon”

Cover 2

Friends! Did you know that fish can actually be too fresh? Ever notice a white gooey substance coming out of your salmon when you cook it? Want to know how to choose the best fish at the market? Well, then watch this latest episode I did just for you, and use these tips next time …

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“How to Clean Cast Iron”

Cast Iron3

One of my girlfriends wrote me a panicked email recently with full photos of her new cast iron skillet that she had received as a wedding gift. She had been cooking with it happily and running it through the dishwasher after each use, and all of the sudden it just wasn’t working well anymore. Food …

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“How to Stencil Your Lawn”

photo 2 copy

This is one of my new favorite summer party decorating tricks. All you need is some poster board and some baking flour. Oh the fun you shall have with this idea in your back pocket. The possibilities are endless. Me and my friends in Arkansas decided to make stars since we were celebrating our independence …

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“5 Tips for Girls at the Grill”


With summer upon us, many of us are dusting off our grills for some serious outdoor cooking. Grilling is one of my favorite pastimes. It is social cooking, where friends and neighbors come over, frosty drinks come out of the cooler, and the air smells like roasting meats and burning charcoal for miles. Here are …

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“How to Debone a Bird”

Deboning a chicken

I have been taking requests from you over the past months on what kind of cooking and modern pioneering tutorials you’d like to see on this site. So keep making your requests in the comments and I’m happy to oblige whenever possible. Today it is “How to Debone a Bird,” which can be used with …

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