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Deer Hunting VI: How to Cook a Deer Liver

It ain’t pretty, but it’s gooood. Just remember as we go on this journey together that we believe in certain principles around here. That animal protein or vegetable protein, if you’re going to eat, something has to die. And if I’m going to kill something in order to eat, then I want to use every part of it. So as you shimmy your way down the page keep reciting the […]

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Deer Hunting V: How to Cook a Deer Heart

The Native Americans used to eat the warm heart of their prey in order to inherit their spirit. It was also a way to honor the animal, and use every part of it. So on my deer hunt in the Delta a few weeks ago, I decided to “go native.” And I’m glad I did. It was delicious. And it’s good for you. And all of the veteran hunters looked […]

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How to String Peppers

As you recall, I had all of these strange French peppers this year. Some turned red, some didn’t. It was very confusing. But they were beautiful and I loved them and pickled the ones that were green. The others sat one the windowsill because I was too busy to do anything with them and while they waited, they turned red! So we strung them and now they’re dangling and drying […]

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How to Age Venison, then Braise It

In a few weeks I’ll be deer hunting. Someone recently told me that squirrel is the best meat in the woods. And while I plan on testing that theory and presenting you with a squirrel recipe one of these days, until then I’m clinging on to the notion that venison is the best meat in the woods. The key to good venison is aging it properly. Just like a good 12 ounce T-bone […]

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How to Make Garlic Paste in 30 Seconds

One of the first little bits of wisdom I learned when I decided to get serious about cooking, was how to make garlic paste in 30 seconds. It was a revelation and I thought, “Wow! These are all the shortcuts that pros know!” So then I began to work in professional kitchens and was peeved to see people mincing their garlic the same way I’d done it as a “civilian”… just chopping and […]

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