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Pocket Intentions 2018: Free Printable

We sat down over the holiday break with our goal worksheet and it really had us thinking and evaluating what this next year holds. We wanted to continue to create this sense of purpose and intention in every way possible to carry us into the new year. G has made a tradition of writing down some brief goals and intentions on a notecard every year and placing it in her wallet so that she […]

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Pioneer a Purposeful Life: A Printable Goal-Setting Worksheet

Many times I have heard people say “I’m searching for my purpose in life.” It is true that there is a vast difference in living a life with purpose vs. a life without purpose. But what I always tell people is, don’t find your life’s purpose, create it. Life really has no meaning unless you create meaning for yourself. Very few people actually write down their goals. Fewer still, print them out and frame them. […]

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Printable Gift Tags

Christmas is coming and we figured it was time we gave you all a gift, so we made you a little something special for the occasion. You know how much we love a well-wrapped present, so we wanted you to be able to do this for yourself at home. With this in mind, we decided to make you some Printable Gift Tags. You can download these gift tags HERE! Simply print […]

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How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

The holidays are creeping up on us, and for many, that means hosting plenty of house guests. Let’s be honest, hosting friends and family for holidays or anytime for that matter, is both a pleasure and a pain.  The key to a stress-free experience for all is truly in the preparation.  The following are ways to up your hostess game and elevate your house guest experience. Read on to learn […]

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The Best Fall Gourmet Pickles Recipe

The start of fall is my family’s favorite time of year to preserve fresh food we’ve grown in our backyard garden. We’ve been canning food for several years, but have never tried or even thought much about pickling. Last year, we received a jar of mouthwatering, homemade pickles as a gift. The brine and ingredients in that jar became the inspiration for these gourmet pickles. The Best Fall Gourmet Pickles […]

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