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“A ‘Modern Pioneering’ & Weston Giveaway”

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.39.03 AM

Hello Modern Pioneers! In celebration of my book launch this week, I’m partnering with Weston and giving you a chance to win not just a signed copy of my new book but also a very fancy high-end meat slicer, the Weston Pro 320. I have been wanting a slicer for ages, you can do so …

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“My New Book, ‘Modern Pioneering’ Hits Stores Today!”

GP-FB-banner_January 2014vBlog2

My brand new book hits stores today! Are you in line? I’m drinking champagne for breakfast. You can buy it HERE if you’re too busy at the office and it will arrive to your door, just like that. Anyone who sends the screen shot of their order or a picture of their book in hand …

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“Q&A with Georgia: 10 Questions from an Intern”


A few weeks ago, one of my interns said, “Hey! How about you answer our interview questions, things that people don’t ask you in interviews but things that we’re curious about.” I thought that was rather clever and so I gave them all a license to ask me anything under the sun that they wanted …

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“Emergency Toothpaste”

_DSC7346 v632

We’ve all been there, stranded at the bathroom sink, not able to squeeze any more out of the last tube of toothpaste. Don’t you worry though, your pearly whites will be just fine. Just slip back into your slippers and shuffle over to the kitchen. Here’s a super simple, and all natural, toothpaste you can …

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“WATCH: The Official ‘Modern Pioneering’ Book Trailer!”

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.12.08 PM

Friends, I’m so glad to finally share the “Modern Pioneering” book trailer with you. It tells the story of my new book that is coming out on March 4th! I hope you’ll share it with everyone you know! (Especially cause it’s my birthday, xo). Thank you for loving me and supporting my work. My goal …

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“DIY Natural Home Scents”


Isn’t it funny how we link certain scents with certain people, or seasons, or memories? It’s a powerful thing. So I wanted to share with y’all a way to harness that power.  Here’s the steps to make your own natural, easy, and delightful home scents. And it is a chance to use leftover peels, herbs, …

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“Favorite Glamping Essentials”

Fire cooking pot L

Thank goodness it is finally Friday! After scouring the interwebs this week I got inspired by all of the fun camping supplies I was finding. Glamping trip soon? Or maybe some essentials to add to my list for my upcoming Adventure Getaway?? Either way, I think these items are all fun and trendy ways to …

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“A Modern Pioneering Book & Boots Giveaway”


Y’all! In celebration of my book launch in just a few weeks, I’m partnering with one of my favorite shoe companies in all the land and giving you a chance to not just win the book but also a pair of their shoes which I wear almost daily. Here are the goodies:   Enter by …

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“DIY Natural All-Purpose Cleaner”


Just because Punxsutawney Phil said six more weeks of winter, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little head start on Spring cleaning. I love finding new ways to harness the powers of nature in my daily life. Like this Natural All-Purpose Cleaner. Instead of all the harsh chemicals in your typical store-bought cleaner, this one …

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“Join Me for an Adventure Getaway in Kohler Wisconsin!”

Photo 5 (Credit to Kohler Co.)v632

I’m excited to announce a very special Adventure Getaway we’ve been working on for months. It is at Destination Kohler, one of the most beautiful places, and a playground for outdoor adventure, just a short distance outside of Chicago. It will be April 3-6th, an ultimate girls’ weekend and an intimate opportunity for us to …

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